By Patrick Lonz, President, Compliant Workspace

OK, you want to move your company to the Microsoft 365 Cloud, thinking it’s going to be a no-brainer, I mean it should be clear what a business like yours wants: get everyone up and running doing their jobs in the cloud so you can stop paying for in-house hardware and software that’s out of date. But you’re overwhelmed by all the options. You are also asking yourself if data is protected and secured. Compliant Workspace has created its Consolidated 365 Service that takes the guess work out of getting your company on the cloud, here I’ll give you a full overview of the service.

Microsoft 365 Subscription: 58 Options!

Each Microsoft 365 subscription has 85 options to choose from:
But you simply want employees to work on-the-go, with centrally store, access, and share company files from anywhere with tools allowing them to collaborate with co-workers, customers, and partners.

Too Many Options on the Microsoft Cloud

And here’s how a typical search starts: you “google Microsoft 365 subscriptions” and you probably get directed to their site, or to a reseller where you quickly become bewildered by all the options to choose from. There’s their business basic plan, the business standard, premium and enterprise. You can also choose the E5 or A5, or the Exchange Online plan 1 or 2. Oh, and do you need to add Advanced Threat Protection? What about their Online Archiving, is that included? Do I even need it? And if I do, do I have to configure all this stuff myself or is it turned on by default for everyone?

And then, within each subscription you’ll need to select from 58 different add-on options relating to teamwork/communications, file storage with sharing, email and calendaring, threat protection and PC/mobile device management. I don’t know about you, but after looking at this list of features the first time I got flashbacks of being 12 yrs. old again and someone just handed me my first Rubik’s Cube.

Trying to get your company migrated to Microsoft 365 is kinda like a puzzle; simply choosing the right subscription to get your employees everything needed to do their jobs, at one simple flat monthly fee shouldn’t be this difficult. That’s why you need to check out our Consolidated 365 Service. A unique approach for you to move your company to the Microsoft Cloud with everything needed. Out-of-the-box.

We Know What You Want: A Fully Loaded Employee on the Cloud 

Nonetheless, there’s no way it should be this hard getting the right options for your company on the Microsoft Cloud. I mean, you’re like most businesses with employees who want to work in the office, on-the-go, they have a phone or tablet, sometimes they work somewhere without reliable internet access. You also want a professional email address for everyone In addition, everyone needs to centrally store, access, and share company files from anywhere with tools allowing them to collaborate with co-workers, customers, and partners.

You are also worried about cyberthreats once you have everyone moved to Microsoft 365 and you have sensitive business information in a regulated industry. Finally, you want to pay one simple flat monthly fee per user. We got you covered with our Consolidated 365 Service.

A Fully Loaded Employee On Microsoft 365:

All they'll need for $25

When you choose us to get your company on the Microsoft Cloud, the first thing we’re going to do is get you the right subscription. No need to search for the right options, we’ll get your employees working right off the bat. Our service includes all the features giving everyone in your firm an Exchange hosted email including 50GB mailbox storage, Teams video conferencing for up to 300 people, 1TB shared data storage for each person on OneDrive and SharePoint, your domain hosted on Microsoft, and our premium support. Setup and ready to go for you.

No Pic of Notorious “Teenager in Black Hoodie”

Alright, we have your Microsoft 365 subscription taken care of, now you want it to be cybersecure, that’s a no brainer too. However, I am not going to spew out dozens of stats at this point or rattling off all the malicious activity you’re exposed to on the internet today or remind you that your employees may be clicking willy-nilly right now on every email coming to their inbox, OR – scare you by inserting the notorious picture of “teenager in a black hooddie” hunched over a computer in his basement going nuts on your systems – you simply want to know how to get secure on the Microsoft cloud without having to read about 85 features or configure add-on software. But here’s the thing about cybersecurity on Microsoft 365 you need to understand: by default, the advanced security options aren’t enabled by Microsoft which leaves you wide open to all kinds of nasty attacks. This is where our Pre-Set 365 Security Template comes in.

Our Pre-Set 365 Security Template

Our unique Security Template is created when you sign up with us with all the needed security options for your whole tenant before you move to the cloud using the built-in tools included with Microsoft 365. (Believe it or not – unlike other managed cloud service providers – we don’t charge extra to secure you on the cloud, nor do we off-load it to any third-party vendors.) Our Security Template add-on includes cybersecurity for each employee such as anti-spam, anti-malware, anti-phishing, safe links, safe attachments, and advanced monitoring/alerts. We also make sure MFA is configured with added security by restricting admin accounts and also stopping email forwarding to reduce compromising your users on the cloud. Key features of our 365 Security Template

  • Anti-spam, anti-malware, anti-phishing

  • Safe links, safe attachments

  • Advanced monitoring/alerts

The Archilles’ Heal of Microsoft’s Cloud – Data Protection

By now, it might sound like I’m launching a smear campaign against Microsoft with their 365 Cloud platform, but if you’re a firm concerned with meeting any type of data compliance on the cloud, sorry to tell you it looks like Microsoft has washed their hands of this. I suspect, they’re attempting to offload it onto third party vendors in efforts to cut down on “legal fees.”

Nonetheless, I tried to enable the backup/retention settings on Microsoft 365 myself, but soon had flashbacks again but this time I felt like I was handed one of those advanced Rubik’s Cubes – know what I mean? The one with the extra layer on all sides. But if you do manage to figure out how to configure the settings to prevent users from deleting data (maybe you’re better at puzzles than me).

Trying to configure backup and retention on Microsoft 365 feels like you’ve be handed one of those advanced Rubik’s Cube

But even if you manage to figure out the “backup options” in Microsoft, these settings can be easily disabled. For example, if you go and configure immutable storage on Azure or put a legal hold on an employee’s data in SharePoint, OneDrive or their Teams Chats, or if you configure archiving for someone’s email, an admin can go ahead and remove these settings, or a user can simply delete their archive folder in Outlook – a big no-no for data compliance.

We have you covered here too with our 365 Cloud Protect Plug-In included with our Consolidated service. Our Cloud Protect will automatically detect, backup and retain files, emails and even Teams chats for all employees, right from the get-go without you having to configure anything, no retention policies or immutable storage to worry about (also no fear that it gets disabled).

One Call to Compliant Workspace and You’re on the Cloud

Trying to move your company to Microsoft 365 shouldn’t be a puzzle. There’s no reason you have to feel like a 12 yr. old with your first Rubik’s Cube when you simply want to give employees everything needed to do their work, with cybersecurity and protection built in. Oh, and we give you this for one flat fee. Get your company on the Microsoft Cloud, with Compliant Workspace out-of-the-box, with one call to us.

About Compliant Workspace

Compliant Workspace is a managed Microsoft 365 cloud service provider committed to giving small companies an option to move their firm to the Microsoft 365 Cloud. With our unique Consolidated 365 Service® we include our Pre-Set 365 Security Template, our 365 Cloud Protect and our 365 Cloud Migrate that gives your firm an office in the Cloud – fully-secured, fully-protected: out-of-the-box.

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