By Patrick Lonz, President, Compliant Workspace

McCullough & Figs, a financial firm in Houston, had been considering a migration to Microsoft SharePoint for some time but were unsure about where to begin. After learning about the wide range of products and benefits offered by Microsoft 365, they were excited about the potential it held for their company. However, they were uncertain about the best way to get started. Read more about how McCullough & Figs made a consolidated transition to Microsoft 365 pain and stress free.


Embarking on a journey to the Cloud is not just a technological shift but a strategic move that can redefine the way a business operates. In the case of Mccullough the decision to migrate to Microsoft SharePoint represented more than just a change in platforms – it symbolized a forward-thinking approach to embrace the future of work on the Cloud. Collaborating closely with Compliant Workspace, this transition unfolded as a testament to the power of strategic partnerships and tailored solutions. Join us as we delve into the story of Mccullough & Figs’s migration to the cloud – a story of innovation, collaboration, and the seamless integration to Microsoft SharePoint, guided by the expertise of Compliant Workspace.

Starting to feel overwhelmed, McCullugh decided to seek assistance from Compliant Workspace. As one of the only CSP (Cloud
Server Provider) offering a complete Consolidated 365 offering for small businesses; including security and protection built
directly into the service from the start. This was an important service for McCullough as due to the nature of their business, a
higher level of security and compliance was required, and with an understanding of their existing setup, challenges and goals,
we collaborated to devise a tailored solution that aligned with their needs.

The Challanges

After our call with McCullough, a picture of their current setup became clear, running an outdated ‘Server 2012 R2’ file server that no one was maintaining anymore, and an operating system being Endof-Life, they faced a huge security concern, speed was of the essence to get a new solution in place for the customer so they could retire the old server. Having an out-of-date server posed a large concern for the Mc-Cullough as security and protection could not be guaranteed with such a workflow. No one knew what was being backed up and what was not.

Furthermore, company data was spread out all over the place. Some users were saving files locally on their laptops, on home computers, other cloud storage solutions such as Dropbox, and everything in between. With working from home, employees hade gotten sloppy with their data, trying to juggle working from remote and in office work, sometimes on different devices.

We introduced the customer to Microsoft’s SharePoint and OneDrive products as a possible solution. After discussing some of the many benefits, it was determined as a perfect fit.
We went straight to work, creating a detailed plan to move the customer to Microsoft 365 in a secure and efficient manner.

After our discovery call, we found out that the McCullough had a few months previously moved from the old email provider over to Microsoft 365 to utilize their Exchange Online product. This was great news, as it meant we could leverage their existing Microsoft 365 setup and help them with proper security, management, licensing and consolidate several of their cloud services into one simple service and invoice.

Harnessing OneDrive & SharePoint

Recognizing the unique needs of McCullough, we proposed utilizing Microsoft 365, a comprehensive suite of productivity solutions crafted specifically for the evolving demands of modern workplaces that harnessed the advanced functionalities of OneDrive and SharePoint, by centralizing the storage of our client’s data into a unified, managed system. We eliminated the inefficiencies stemming from scattered data across different locations, in addition we helped McCullogh with collaboration:

  • Streamlined access to data with enhancedreliability and protection.

  • Individual users can securely store, access, and share files from any device and location.

  • Enhanced collaboration & communication among employees and customers.

  • Increased flexibility to share files & folders with specific individuals or groups including granular permissions.

  • Document request workflows allowing employees to request specific documents from customers to submit directly to OneDrive or SharePoint.

  • Heightened sense of confidence in data security and reliability for our client.

  • Managing routine Microsoft 365 tasks such as user onboarding/offboarding, password resets, etc.


By taking over the management of MS365 from the customer, we were able to free up valuable time and resources for our client, to focus on their business and not IT tasks. Our consolidation not only streamlined data access and collaboration but also bring about a heightened sense of confidence in data security and reliability for McCollough.


Top Benifits

Post migration processes and benefits

We provided necessary support for about a week following the migration, promptly addressing any minor issues and answering employees’ queries regarding the new solution.

We let the customer get used to the new workflow for a few weeks and then we did a check-in to see how things were going. The feedback we got was overwhelmingly positive.

Employees were embracing the new solution. Being able to work from anywhere in the world without having to worry about having their data available to them was a huge problem that was solved.

Also, the sharing and collaboration features of SharePoint brought a whole new level of productivity to most employees. Multiple people were working collectively on a single document at the same time while on a video call and worked together in real time.

These are only some of the benefits companies are seeing when moving away from the traditional on-premise data storage setup and embracing the cutting-edge technologies and features offered by Microsoft and Compliant Workspace.


When a small business decides they want to move to the Microsoft Cloud, its important they choose a provider with a Consolidated 365 service since Microsoft has designed its subscriptions for large firms with the budgets to dedicate IT staff who can secure and protect their employees in the cloud.

Furthermore, they will likely purchase third-party add-ons to help accomplish this. However, small companies, those who need a higher level of security and protection in the cloud need a different approach: they need to choose a Consolidated 365 Service Provider who will bundle critical services together to allow companies to get the most out of their products right from the beginning.

Compliant Workspace’s emphasis on security, continual monitoring, and the implementation of best practices within the Microsoft environment. Coupled with our Security Plugin and Cloud Protect add-ons, this approach instills a reassuring sense of confidence and peace of mind for the client regarding the safety and accessibility of their cloud-stored data.

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