Taking the Pain Out of Moving to Microsoft 365 With Our Unique Consolidated 365 Service ®

Compliant Workspace is the only Microsoft 365 cloud service provider with a Consolidated 365 Service® that’s unlike any other: A turn-key option taking the guesswork out of getting on Microsoft 365 . Recognizing many firms were confused by Microsoft 365 options, we created a full-service subscription, with all the features to meet any data compliance demands that’s focused on getting your company on the cloud and giving everyone, everything needed to work fully secured; fully protected – out-of-the-box.

Everything Needed for Every Employee

Firstly, with Compliant Workspace each employee on our Consolidated 365 Service gets everything they need to do their work: tons of space for each employee on a SharePoint, a personal OneDrive account, a full Microsoft Exchange email account with all the bells and whistle, Teams for collaboration and of course our premium support included. No need to search for the right Microsoft subscription, we have that covered for you.

Getting Your Business on the Cloud With 365 Cloud Migrate

Our Cloud Migrate Service is a three step approach where we guide your company to the Microsoft 365 Cloud- fully prepared ready for your firm, simply and inexpensively. Starting with your Microsoft 365 Subscription created with everything your employees need including 1 TB space on OneDrive and SharePoint for everyone, a 50 GB storage for email and Teams, ready to go – OneDrive and SharePoint migration using Microsoft’s built in tools to get data off everyone’s PCs and servers to the cloud.

Moving company email system to Exchange Online with guidance for MX mail redirection, exporting employees emails to PST, creating new Outlook profiles and importing old email to new email on the Microsoft Cloud.

Our Unique Pre-Set 365 Security Template; A Fully Secured Cloud, Out-of-the-Gate

Also included in our Consolidated 365 Service is our unique Pre-Set 365 Security Template. This feature is a compilation of settings we’ve designed using the built-in Microsoft tools to give our customers full security without having to purchase complex or expensive add-ons giving each employee a completely secure Microsoft cloud.

Right out of the gate our Pre-Set 365 Security Template is configured to protect your whole organization with anti-spam, anti-malware, anti-phishing, safe links, and safe attachments preconfigured to protect all users. We also enable multi-factor authentication for all users, dedicated admin accounts, and disable auto-forwarding for email to further strengthen our customers environment. This plug-in is a complete pre-set security configuration prepared for your firm when you sign up with Compliant Workspace.

Fully Protected Out-of-the-Box

In addition, Compliant Workspace gives each employee our 365 Cloud Protect, a full featured backup and archiving solution integrated directly with Microsoft to protect everyone’s data stored in the cloud: No need to worry about purchasing additional backup plug-ins or add-ons or configuring anything, its setup, ready to go automatically for you out-of-the-box, our 365 Cloud Protect includes:

  • Automatically detect new data
  • Retain deleted data
  • Granular backup of Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive and Team Chats
  • Automated backups: regular fully automated backup
  • Flexible restore: restore data to the same / other accounts, in-place or to a new folder
  • Instant offline export: MS365 backup data instant export in pst, docx & other native formats
  • Versioning: browse & restore any prior versions of MS365 data without time limit
  • Self-Service: configure end-user access to let them restore lost items themselves
  • Encryption: data at rest is encrypted with AES265 & TLS 1.2 for data in transit.

Finally your company has a clear path to Microsoft 365 : fully secured, fully protected – out-of-the box , have it all with Compliant Workspace

Giving Your Business Full Potential On The Cloud

Our Mission

Work better togeter with Compliant Workspace

Why Firms Choose Compliant Workspace

Let’s face it, when your firm decides to move their office to the Microsoft 365 cloud, you have lots of options.

Firms choose us:

  • They are a professional firm in healthcare, finance, legal or other

  • They don’t have in-house IT expertise

  • They need to make sure they meet compliance demands surrounding the security and protection of data in the cloud

  • They want a simple, consolidated option to get on Microsoft 365

  • They want a high level of support

  • They want to pay one simple flat monthly fee per user, that includes everything

Getting Your Firm On Microsoft 365. Fully Secured; Fully Protected - Out-Of-The-Box:

  • Secure Email
  • OneDrive
  • Sharepoint Online
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Spam & Malware protection
  • Email and file backup
  • Support