What’s 365 Cloud Protect?

Moving to Microsoft 365 is all or nothing, at the same time nothing is backed up or archived, the built-in tools are complicated and can be easily disabled, that’s why we include our 365 Cloud Protect.

  • A pre-configured plug-in to Microsoft 365 protecting employee’s data, right from the get-go. No need to configure or setup anything, providing automatic backup and retention of employee’s data

  • Full Protection for data stored on the Microsoft Cloud. Including emails, contact, calendar, SharePoint sites, OneDrive data and Teams chats

  • Built-in long-term retention of data (for 7 yrs.) to a separate platform out of the Microsoft with Granular Protection and Offline Data Exports from the archive with non-destructive restores to the same user or another user

  • Customizable admin roles, very important when businesses must give employees “self-serve” access to data and give IT or auditors access records for reviews

Why 365 Cloud Protect?
  • By default, a company’s data isn’t backed up on the Microsoft Cloud, also its not archived or retained, and trying to configure backup and retention on Microsoft 365 is too complex for most businesses, surprisingly; the settings needed to protect data can be easily removed or disabled

  • Firms need data retained, separate from the Microsoft Cloud for security

  • It’s important for many businesses if users remove information or if users are deleted, their records must be kept for long term access or restores

  • Compliance is important for businesses who need to meet regulation surrounding electronic records retention

365 Cloud Protect:

Ultimately, when a business moves to the Microsoft Cloud they must realize it’s the whole kit & caboodle, in other words, they will transplant their complete IT back end to the cloud, they can forget about this idea floating around the tech world these days about a “hybrid cloud” – in fact, if a firm moves some data to the cloud and left some in-house that would be a nightmare: they will move everything, all at once.

Making sure employees can’t delete anything is the basis of any data compliance plan, no matter what industry your company is in, therefore they shouldn’t have to jump through hoops if they decide to move their office to Microsoft 365 and need to meet any of these rules.

That’s why we include our 365 Cloud protect for all our customers. A backup and archiving plug-in to Microsoft 365 bundled with Compliant Workspace with all the features to make sure firms meet any data compliance demands when you move to Microsoft. – 365 Cloud Protect, takes this worry off your plate.