The Goal: preventing employees from getting their passwords hacked and blocking anything is key to cybersecurity on Microsoft 365, often users download infected files to a company SharePoint and voila, the whole firm is infected – a Pre-Set Security Template is the answer.

What’s Our 365 Pre-Set Security Template?
  • A set of security options applied to all employees before a company moves to Microsoft 365, giving a fully cybersecure cloud: out-of-the-box
  • A simple and inexpensive solution getting firms secure on the Microsoft Cloud, using the built-in tools included with their subscription, no need to purchase complex or complicated security add-ons

  • Includes pre-set anti-spam/anti-malware prevention with protection against spoofing with Safe links and Safe attachment, and Alert Policies enabled

Why a 365 Pre-Set Security Template?
  • The default security options are not enabled out-of-the-box on Microsoft 365 and are not enough for many companies. Also, they can be easily disabled

  • Most companies especially small ones don’t have the expertise to configure the security options in Microsoft 365 to make themselves “cybersecure” it’s complicated with dozens of settings that must be enable, with various portals to navigate, its easy to miss something and leave employees open to attacks

  • Help achieve cybersecurity without searching for expensive third-party security tools to configure to make them compliant on the cloud

  • Finally, firms need to meet compliance demands for securing their company and employees data from the get-go, with pre-applied security setting before they move user and data to the cloud

Our 365 Security Template fully secure out-of-the-box. A balance between basic and strict protection, with employees avoiding unnecessary disruptions.

365 Pre-Set Security Template:

Because we believe many companies hesitate migrating to the cloud for fear of cyberthreats, we have created our 365 a Pre-Set Security Template applied to the Microsoft Tenant before we move customers there – giving their employees full security – right off the bat. Since businesses are walking into a minefield when they move to the cloud because by default employees aren’t totally secure. And in many cases, the security options that can leave people wide open to an outside attack can be easily turned off. Our unique Pre-Set 365 Security Template included with Compliant Workspace gives firms a fully secure Microsoft 365 Tenant, out-of-the-box.

We have created our unique Pre-Set 365 Security Template for small firms with 15-25 employees who want to ensure they have a secure Microsoft Cloud without having to add third-party plug-ins to make them cybersecure on the cloud. Our Pre-Set Template sets MFA, with Safe links and Safe attachment enable including Alert Policies. anti-spam, anti-malware, anti-phishing, spoof settings – Pumped up the Cloud

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