Compliant Workspace includes 365 cloud protect, our full backup/archiving plug-in included in each subscription:

Feature one: Automated daily backup and archiving of all Microsoft 365 items to a secondary location outside of Microsoft’s cloud.

Feature two: Full backup, archiving and recovery of Exchange mailboxes, including contacts, calendar and all other Outlook items.

Feature three: Backup and retention of documents and chats for all employees on Compliant Workspace.

Feature four: Recovery of items in employees’ Exchange mailboxes, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams.

Multifactor Authentication is the first line of defense when moving your company to Microsoft 365 because its the process of providing a second form of authentication when your employees are logging into their user accounts on the cloud. The reason you use this is when a hacker gets a password of a user, and logs in, the employee will get an alert on their phone to block the attempt. Compliant Workspace enables this for every customer and then requires each user to download the Microsoft authentication app on their mobile phone to fully enable MFA.

No, compliant workspace is billed month to month. You can increase and decrease licenses on the fly.

Please have a look at the products page to see the available plans.

All Data is hosted in Microsoft data centers spread out throughout the United States for redundancy. In addition, our 365 cloud protect plug-in makes copies of our customers data in the cloud to secondary sites outside of Microsoft for an added level of protection.

The first step for moving to compliant workspace Microsoft 365 is migrating all your email accounts to our hosted exchange which requires DNS MX record redirection to our system and can take several hours to one day to switch over, once this is done, the second step is to migrate all documents off your in-house server and pcs to our hosted SharePoint and Onedrive configured for each customer.

We prepare your Microsoft 365 environment before you migrate by enabling all the built-in advanced security features available such as MFA, dedicated and non-dedicated admin accounts, protection against malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and blocking malicious attachments, files, and URLs: securing your employees and data from day one.

Compliant Workspace was created for small firms (those with around 10-20 employees) who want to get on Microsoft 365, at the same time, they want to reduce and simplify their cost of IT by moving everything to the cloud. Also, they must meet specific data compliance demands surrounding security and protection of their employees and data.

Data compliance is complex (especially when your firm is now in the cloud), there are compliance rules for health care firms, financial, insurance and many others – simply put, it means data is secured and retained, no matter what the regulation. Compliant Workspace meets any data compliance regulation for any firm on Microsoft 365.

No: when you store your emails and data on Microsoft 365, Microsoft does not back it up, in fact, if a user deletes an email it’s gone forever. Also, data in SharePoint and OneDrive is not retained for long periods of time if users delete it.

A simple three step method guiding your company to the Microsoft 365 Cloud

A fully prepared Microsoft Cloud ready for your firm, simply and inexpensively

Includes a Microsoft 365 Subscription created with everything your employees need with 1 TB space on OneDrive and SharePoint for everyone, a 50 GB storage for email and Teams, ready to go.

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