What is the 365 Cloud Migrate Service?

Businesses must take a “clean slate” when moving to Microsoft 365. In other words, they don’t want to move over old junk from old systems to the new Microsoft 365 Tenant; by junk this means, useless records from people’s PCs, or transferring an existing Active Directory configuration…get a fresh start with Compliant Workspace 365 Cloud Migration Service: A unique approach that will gets companies on the Microsoft Cloud, simply and inexpensively.

  • A clear path to get companies on Microsoft 365. Starting with a fully prepared Tenant giving every employee an email account with Exchange online with 50 GB space, a company SharePoint site, a OneDrive account configure with 1 TB prepared for each employee, ready to go with a complete password list in hand
  • A three step method guiding your company to the Microsoft 365 Cloud using the built-in migration tools included with a customer’s subscription
  • Complete migration of a company to Microsoft 365, includes moving company email system to Exchange Online with guidance for MX mail redirection, exporting employees’ emails to PST, creating new Outlook profiles finally importing old email to new accounts on the Microsoft Cloud

  • Firms decided they want to move their company to Microsoft 365 need a clean slate, also they don’t want to transfer old Active Directory configuration with a simple and inexpensive path to get on the cloud

Why We Offer Our 365 Cloud Migrate Service
  • Most companies are confused about the migration to the Microsoft Cloud and need clear step by step directions with a fully prepared Tenant before they make the move. Also, businesses want a fresh start on the cloud without moving corrupt or useless data off existing systems

  • Companies need a simple, inexpensive option to get on the Microsoft Cloud without having to buy expensive, complicated migration tools

  • Help firms reduce the risk of downtime and lost data or emails

“365 Cloud Migrate gives businesses a clear, simple, inexpensive path to the Microsoft Cloud, without complex add-ons.”

A Clear Path to the Cloud

Often businesses wanting to get their company on Microsoft 365 are confused and have lots of questions about the whole process: is everything moved at once? should it be broken down into parts? Can it be done themselves or do they need help? And who exactly is going to help? Microsoft? Who will the company purchase their 365 subscription from? Some third-party vendor or directly from Microsoft, Will old data be merged or is it a fresh start? Questions are hard to answer since most vendors don’t aim their migration services at helping small firms migrate to the Microsoft 365 Cloud. Also firms only need to do the migration once, and don’t need to purchase monthly subscriptions for migration tools.

Get a Fresh Start on the Cloud With Our 365 Migrate Service. We start with setting up our customers with a Microsoft 365 subscription – ready to go, to move company data and email. Doing the simplest thing first is users’ personal data off their PCs, good thing is, with everyone to do it themselves. So now, once you have signed up with Compliant Workspace, here’s what each person in your company can do themselves as the first step: Installing the OneDrive Sync Tool is the first thing each employee must do to start the move to Microsoft 365 because when a new profile is created on the cloud, they won’t have access to their local data, and having moved all personal data to OneDrive before they start the migration will have it available to import when they get on the cloud. Then second step to getting a business on Microsoft 365 is migrating all employees to Exchange Online, At this point, firms need to change important Internet settings which affect the flow of email. This means the MX records setting in the company DNS needs to be accessed and updated, also any filtering services that run within the company will need to be disabled since Microsoft 365 will perform all the mail filtering for the firm once this switch is made.